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RoVer Barbets

Medium sized, medium energy, eager to please, and non-shedding whats not to love.
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Barbets history stretches back to ancient times. Generally accepted theories are they descended from corded herding dogs originating in North Africa. The Barbet is said to contribute to the Poodle, Bichon, and Briard. Many theories abound and modern history of the Barbet is mostly anecdotal, but one thing is certain the Barbet is here to stay.

The breed stands 22-25-1/2 inches for the males in height, 20-24 inches for the females and weight in generally between 40-55 pounds. The Barbet has a characteristic thick woolly coat and given to waviness. According to how he is used, the barbet can present different appearances.

The Barbet’s personality is described as companionable, joyful, obedient, and intelligent. They are quick to learn and eager to please. They are great with children, families and the elderly. Exercise demands are moderate, and it really depends on how you raise your Barbet puppy as they adapt to what you do. If you are a avid jogger your Barbet is up to the challenge, more of a one walk a day type, your Barbet will love snuggling on the couch.

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