RoVer Barbets – registered Kennel name RoVer with the CKC.  We breed Barbets which are a French water dog.  They are a retriever and temperament is similar to a Lab or Golden. We have a couple litters a year depending on which of the girls are ready.

Rob and I have been involved with dogs since 2006 in a professional capacity and I have had dogs all my life.  Our first dog as a couple was Cleo who was a great dog and easy to train.  I had purchased a book called communicating with your dog and read it cover to cover.

I started at the kennel club taking classes. Soon Rob and I both became active members helping with beginner agility, and demos at various events.  From there I evolved to competing with my BRT Abby, in conformation and Rally O.  She and I completed her Rally Excellent title and her Canine Good Citizen.  I became hooked on dog sports.    Through DogWatch of Muskoka hidden fences we experience many different dog breeds and temperaments.  I kept searching for a breed that would fit my requirements, as although Abby is an amazing dog I wasn’t keen on repeating all the socializing work I needed to do, having a guard breed.

It was during my search in the Canadian Dogs Annual that I found the Barbet.  After seeing the breed at a dog show I searched out a breeder and luck was with me when I found Florence Erwin of Neigenuveaux Barbets.  After meeting her and the dogs, I quickly put my name on the list for a Barbet puppy.

I found my niche in life raising my puppies so they can spread the joy of Barbet ownership.