Dog Breeders Ontario

Having a puppy as a pet is a wonderful thing to take on as a single person, couple or an entire family. Raising a dog can be a great bonding exercise to learn responsibility, trust, patience and understanding. The relationship a human develops with a dog is priceless when they each begin to comprehend the others signals and behaviour. And while this can happen in adult dogs as well, it is always recommended to raise a dog from a puppy as the training becomes far easier to customize to your lifestyle. In order to get a puppy and ensure its stable health and pedigree, it’s important to get one from the right dog breeders.

Dog Breeders Ontario

Rover Barbets are dog breeders in Ontario who specifically raise Barbets and make sure they are healthy and happy puppies. Being French water dogs, they have a calm temperament and retriever-like instincts. They are exceptionally smart and easy to train as they are categorized under the “Sporting” group by the Canadian Kennel Club.

Poodle Cross Ontario

Poodle Cross in Ontario are often crate trained.  This is a proven  technique highly recommended by veterinarians and trainers alike, to house break dog breeds that are mixes of the poodle. It plays up on their natural instincts to sleep in a place they perceive as warm and safe.

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Ontario

If you are specifically looking for hypoallergenic dog breeds in Ontario, you can find them at the Rover Barbets. Barbets are affectionate and loyal dogs that have innate Retriever qualities. They are great around children and safe for people with air-born allergies as their coat does not shed.


A breed that is just as cute as it is affectionate is the Doodle in Ontario. A first generation cross breed of Labradors and Poodles, they have retriever like instincts with the shaggy coat of a Poodle. While they have non-shedding coats, their temperament is innately easy going and yet energetic.

Golden Doodle

A cross breed or hybrid of the Golden Retriever and Poodle, the Golden doodle in Ontario is a beautiful and friendly dog that displays traits of both its breeds. Every dog can differ in their height and weight while their coat colors can range from white, cream, apricot, gold, red, sandy brown and sometimes, gray and black.

When you purchase a puppy, a spay/neuter contract as well as the Canadian Kennel Club papers of approved health is usually provided with them. To help you raise your dogs, some breeders also offers training classes for beginner and advanced skills as well as separate classes for competing show dogs. These can be taken in a group or privately according to the comfort and convenience of the owner. Many of them come to your home, having already taken their first set of shots, with a training kit, grooming instructions, collar, leash and a blanket to help get the “new parents” and the puppy started on this journey.