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Eleonore was born 2009.  She earned her Canine Good Neighbour and Pre-Novice Canine Dog titles years ago.  She obtained her Championship title by about 2 years of age.  In 2014 she completed her Rally Novice title and has 2 of the 3 required legs for her Rally Advanced title.  She also has one leg on her obedience CD title.  She enjoys Scent Games, has a D.O.T. in wintergreen.  Eleonore’s last litter arrived on May 25th and I am pleased to note Tera has gone to the US as a therapy dog for a Austic client and another was donated to the DogGuides program in Ontario.  Eleonore is now spayed and she is enjoying working her way up the levels in Rally and Obedience.

Eleonore is registered with CKC, UKC and has been DNA’d

Heath tests are available on Orthopedic Foundation For Animals Inc web site www.off.org.

Hips-Excellent, Elbow-Normal, Patellar-Normal, Thyroid-Normal, Cardiac-Normal.

Eleonore’s eyes were tested by a Ophthalmic vet before being bred in 2012 and again recently.

The new test will be showing up on OFFA.  Both are normal.

Also Eleonore has been PennHIP evaluated and is in the 70th percentile at the age of 5.

Two of Eleonore’s daughters are in breeding homes and we look forward to bringing home a Eleonore granddaughter/son in the future.

To view Elenore’s Pedigree click here

My parental Barbet - Eleonore  Dressing up my dog at Halloween idea Eleonore Barbet Agility Eleonore Barbet 7


Hanna was born in 2012 and she produced an amazing litter in April 2014.  She has her Canine Good Neighbour, Pre-Novice Canine Dog, Rally Novice and Championship title. I am taking training classes advanced Rally obedience and beginner Agility, she also has her D.O.T. in wintergreen in scenting. My husband Rob and her hunt together.  She has a rock solid temperament, loves kids and deliberately seeks them out.

Hanna is registered with CKC and FSS(AKC), her UKC registration is in progress and she has been DNA’d.

All of Hanna’s health tests are available on Orthopedic Foundation For Animals Inc. web site www.off.org

Hips-Good, Elbow-Normal, Patellar-Normal, Thyroid-Normal, Cardiac-Normal, Eyes-Normal

We have kept Noriella from our Hanna and Murdoch breeding.  She has won a couple best baby puppy group placements.  I will be showing her in 2015 for her Championship.

To view Hanna’s Pedigree click here.

20131001HannaHalloween grooming Hanna Hanna Barbet 3


Hailey was born in 2012 and has her Championship title.  She lives with her guardian family where she is the apple of their eye. She is waiting to get her CGN.  We have plans to breed Hailey in 2015. Hailey enjoys going to the dog park and gets along with all kinds of different dogs.  She has a steady temperament and loving disposition.  Visitors fall in love with her quiet, love me eyes.

Hailey is registered with CKC, her UKC registration is in progress and she has been DNA’d

All of Hailey’s health test results are available on Orthopedic Foundation For Animals Inc. web site www.off.org

Hips-Good, Elbow-Normal, Patellar-Normal, Thyroid-Normal, Eyes-Normal, Cardiac-Normal.

To view Hailey’s Pedigree click here.

Hanna Barbet 4


Renee was born 12-12-12. She obtained her Championship and CGN title in November of 2013.  She lives with Hailey and is known as “miss wiggle bum” for her happy demeanor.

Renee is registered with CKC, and her UKC registration is in progress and she has been DNA’d.

Recently Renee has had her testing done and these will be arriving shortly.

Hips-Excellent , Elbow-normal, Patellar-Normal , Thyroid-Normal, Eyes-Normal, Cardiac-Normal.

To see Renee’s pedigree click here.

20130826Renee&Isabelle (6)


Isabelle was born in February 2013 who has the most sweet disposition and mellow energy level.   She finished her championship at 10 months of age and also completed her CGN. Currently Isabelle and I are working together in obedience and beginner agility.

Isabelle is registered CKC, and her UKC registration is in progress and she has been DNA’d.

OFFA results so far are Cardiac-Normal, Thyroid-Normal.  She has had her eyes done and they were normal.  Again they will appear on the OFFA site when posted.

To view Isabelle’s pedigree click here.

DSC_0238 20130826Renee&Isabelle (6)


Nori was born April 2014.  She is the first puppy I have kept back for myself for a future breeding prospect.  She is excelling at all my expectations, being easy to train both at home and in classes.  She has a very strong “potty area” distinction at home, yet when travelling will go to the bathroom on command.  Amicable with all the dogs she meets and humans.  Loves being loved and yet not in a desperate way. She amuses herself and is always ready to play with the other dogs.  I am looking forward to more classes in obedience and showing her in 2015 to get her Championship.