Its exciting to report that Hailey’s puppies arrived in the early hours of March 7th.  We have been posting regularly on Facebook.  6 beautiful boys, Buster, Victor, Andy, Ryder, Splash & Mel.  3 Darling girls, Violet, Margarita, and Twinkle.  They have been progressing very well and now at 2-1/2 weeks are moving around vigorously.  They stand on all 4’s for short times and have noticeably started moving away from sleeping area to potty.  This behaviour evolves from less than a foot to further each week.

Our Puppy Socials that are set up are the following dates.  Please keep in mind we do also make individual appointments for puppy visits/interviews and if the set times are not convenient.

All social days are from 2pm – 4pm.
Sunday April 12th
Saturday April 18th
Sunday April 26th
Saturday May 2nd