Owning a Barbet

Barbets are devoted, loyal, and friendly companions. Barbet owners all agree that these dogs offer a thousand fold return. Your Barbet dog or Barbet puppy will always greet you happily with a wagging tail when you come home. Your Barbet pup adapts easily crate training and with practice will sit and wait for you to open the door. Barbets love to walk and spend time with you. Barbets are intelligent and willing to please.  Training your Barbet to walk on leash, play fetch and perform tricks are just a few rewarding experiences. Whether walking, throwing a ball in the back yard or tossing a stick in the water Barbets love to spend time with their family.  When the weather is frightful Barbets enjoy snuggling on the couch (if its allowed).

Owning a Barbet dog is a responsibility. These animals depend on us for much more than just food and shelter. If you are considering owning a Barbet, puppy or dog you should consider the commitment and responsibility that the dog ownership will require. If you already own a Barbet dog then you know how rewarding dog ownership is and well worth the time and effort.

RoVer Barbets is dedicated to helping both new and existing dog owners raise healthy, happy, Barbet dogs. Some of the tips listed below will help you raise your Barbet and will allow you to be a fully responsible dog owner.

  • Do your dog ownership research before falling in love with a puppy.
  • Be committed to providing your Barbet with what It needs.
  • Have your home ready for your puppy or dog before you bring them home.
  • Ensure your Barbet dog remains healthy by educating yourself.
  • Make sure your dog is always safe.
  • As an owner, be the best friend to your dog by thinking like a dog.
  • Train your Barbet dog so everyone else can love them as you do.
  • Be involved in your dog’s life by providing exercise and structure, dogs love routine.
  • Be an ambassador and supporter of your Barbet.
  • Keep a ID tag on your Barbet so even without a scanner people can find you.
  • Buy appropriate dog toys for your Barbet puppy or dog of any age.

Remember, these tips are not exhaustive, however they will help you be a responsible owner of your Barbet dog.  Owning a dog will not always be fun and games, but will always be rewarding for you, your family, and all members of your household.