We are excited to announce that Hanna was confirmed pregnant by Ultrasound on February 6th!   The estimated due date is April 5th!

Our puppies are raised in our home.  I am fortunate enough to spend my days with the puppies and typically sleeping in the room until they are almost 3 weeks.  The bond that my girls and I have during this time is so spectacular.  We are a team nurturing these little bundles of sweetness.  When they squeak and fuss both mom and I respond.  As they grow I get to witness their development.  We expose our puppies to many different external stimulation, vacuums, washer/dryer noises, and later when they go outside dirt bikes, tractors, power washers and trains.  I also play a CD that has a variety of noises including barking dogs, and crying babies.  Once the puppies are over 3 weeks old we start weekly puppy visits.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the puppies to be socialized.  Many friends look forward to this time of year for their “puppy fix”.  It also provides those puppy parents who are close enough to interact with them and see their changes week to week.  RoVer Barbet adults and puppies are fed a raw diet to provide the best nutrition, making for healthy dogs.  While I feed raw it is not a requirement when you purchase a RoVer puppy.

As the Barbet puppies develop they run in our yard with our other dogs, they are exposed to stairs and other obstacles on a daily basis.  We use potty boxes for our puppies here so they are already familiar with designated areas for “duties”.  They are handled, and loved by not only me but my family and friends.

Check out our Facebook page RoVer Barbets and like us.  You can also enter our contest and guess Hanna’s due date for a free Lupine collar.  Just look for Hanna’s belly picture and join the fun.  Contest ends when Hanna delivers!