Now that I have  caught your interest.  I would like to tell you why a RoVer Barbet puppy would be a welcome addition to your family.

Being an active member at our local Muskoka District Kennel Club, I have many opportunities to see people interact with their dogs.  Professionally my husband, Rob and I provide DogWatch pet containment since 2006.  We also offer in home dog boarding on a limited basis.  What has this got to do with puppies, you may wonder?  These experiences and interest in continued learning gets you a better puppy.

I am so fortunate to be at the very beginning of a puppies development.

Puppies can smell from the moment they are born, creating a human connection from birth by handling and snuggling creates a foundation.  As they grow and ears and eyes open and stimulation of noise and sight begin.  I am with the puppies as often as Mom, they are as familiar with me as her.  Exposure to external noises, vibrations and providing the growing puppies with different floor textures and obstacles in their pen are all done to prepare your puppy for their new homes.

When the puppies are mobile and you see them start interacting with each other engaging in play its like watching everything in slow motion!

Visit us again for the next installment of what we do at RoVer with Puppies -Why RoVer for, the exposure!