Eleonore our foundation girl is going to have her last litter.   If all goes as planned she will be blessing us with puppies at the beginning of June!

Eleonore was born in 2009.  She has her CGN, PCD, CH and has one leg on her obedience CD title.  She has successfully obtained her DOT in wintergreen 2 weeks before having her second litter.

Her first litter was with Murdoch and they produced outstanding puppies, one of whom has gone on to obtain her own championship title.  One has had his 10 seconds of fame for being on  the Pick a Puppy episode.  And yes before you ask he was chosen, if you see the reruns watch for the Smith Family!

Her second litter was with Bogart and they produced exceptionally well put together puppies.  They are all residing in pet homes with Darcy at the age of 10 months already competing in obedience with her mom, Victoria.  They are a great team!

Eleonore will be bred to Paris.  Paris has his CGN and has had all his health testing done.  He has sired 5 champions as well as producing sound tempered dogs.  His greatest success is Murdoch who in 2013 was Number 1 Barbet, Number 2 in Sporting Dogs and in the top 10 of all breeds for 2013. He earned 5 Best In Show awards, as well as 6 Reserve Best In Show. Check him out on Canuck Dogs!  We are hoping for our own little Murdoch with this breeding.