Puppies!  We were expecting 5-6 puppies from Hanna from her x-ray that we did 10 days before she delivered.  Hanna was a trouper through each delivery and was very accepting of my guidance.  We welcomed each new baby, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, girl.  Then 1-1/2 hours after puppy number 6 we were presented with two more a boy and a girl.  They arrived in short order and by 9pm all 8 babies were born and feeding.   Once everyone was cleaned up and had a chance to nurse we weighed them.

With Eleonore’s litters our puppy birth weight ranged a respectable 9.5 to 13+ ounces from both litters. Hanna was no exception with her little ones ranging from10 to 12.6 ounces.  I was very happy with the vitality of each puppy and just how awesome Hanna was with each puppy.  She was relaxed enough to allow me to move them to a warming box when the next puppy arrived.

All told we were blessed with 5 browns and 3 black puppies.  We have 4 brown and 1 black girl, as well as 2 black and 1 brown boy.