Throughout the year, we periodically have litters of Barbet puppies for sale in Ontario. We will ship puppies for anyone else outside of Ontario who wish to purchase a Barbet.  For more information, please feel free to give us a call to inquire details. Owning a Barbet puppy is a lovely addition to anyone’s family.  These dogs are easy to train and exceptionally smart as they are part of the Sporting Group in CKC.  As they are retrievers their temperament is similar to a Golden Retriever, in a non-shedding coat of course..

Puppies for sale in Ontario

Toll Free: 866-531-0923

Local: 705-783-1106

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We will gladly provide more information on our Rover Barbet puppies including the price. We will also send you a puppy questionnaire and dates for visiting.  Puppy visits start when they are between 3-4 weeks of age.  Most of  our Barbet puppies for sale have gone to homes in Ontario, but a few have traveled by plane, east and west in Canada as well as to the US. When you commit to a RoVer Barbet puppy with a deposit we provide you with a Happy Puppy Training Kit so you can be prepared when your pup comes home.  Owning a Barbet is a rewarding experience as these dogs are exceptionally interactive, easy to house train, easy to crate train at the puppy stage, and are easy to care for. The amount of maintenance depends on how long you like their coat to be.  All our dogs are bred with the intention to improve the Barbet dog.  All puppies are registered with the CKC and you will see the individual certificate before taking your puppy home.  All of our puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and upon completion of this we will send you the transfer of CKC ownership to you.  At RoVer Barbets we are committed to providing you with a puppy that is happy and balanced. We are a  registered kennel and listed on dog breeders Toronto.  If you are located near the Toronto, Ottawa, Peterborough, Muskoka or any other area in Ontario, feel free to contact us to visit our kennel to see our dogs and puppies in action.  You can also visit our YouTube page for more information and videos.  Visit our Facebook Fan Page to see additional photos of our Barbet puppies for sale.  We are also on Flickr and you can see many high resolution photos of our beautiful puppies and litter parents.  This French Water dog are fun to have around and make excellent companions due to their high level of intelligence and social personality. Barbets fit perfectly into any type of home.  Some of our dogs live in apartments, houses, and farms, and for anyone who just wishes to have an excellent friend and companion.