Grooming a non-shedding dog is different than a short or long haired type.  The advantage is you can choose how much or how little grooming you want to do and trim accordingly.  If you love the long haired shaggy look but don’t enjoy the work required, there are many pet groomers out there to give you the best of both worlds.  If the coat is kept really long at 1+ inches and not brushed a minimum of twice a week, matting in the undercoat occurs.

I personally enjoy the lack of dog hair in our home and keep my finished dogs short 1/2 to 3/4 inches long so I don’t have worry about matting or do anything for about 8 weeks. At the 8-10 week mark I brush/bath/clip (2 hours) and we are ready for another 8-10 weeks.

Grooming equipment is important.  Sometimes it is cheaper in the long run to purchase good quality tools, instead of having to replace them multiple times due to breakdown.  Grooming equipment is a personal choice and every one will have their own favorites.  I only keep limited Brushes & Combs but they are of good quality.

My pin brush has wooden bristles, has give and is soft on the dog. This is a really wonderful puppy brush and this is the one I prefer for my puppies first grooming sessions.  I use a metal comb that has different pin spacing at each end. This is so if I have a mat I can separate it with the pins that are further apart.  If the coat is clean and just needs a touch up I can use the side with the pins closer together. When purchasing this comb I made sure the pins went through the bar to ensure durability.  I also use Les Poochs brushes for the majority of my adult coat grooming.  I have the PRO Soft-Medium Brush green and the Mat Zapper Brush red handle. LOVE LOVE these.  I usually have one or two girls who are working on their championship title so these brushes are used constantly by me. These have lasted other groomers over 5 years with 6-8 personal show dogs. Good quality scissors are also a must.  I have a blunt nosed pair so I can trim hair between pads without poking the dog’s skin and also around the eyes without fear.