RoVer Barbets are planning several litters in 2014.  Stay posted and check back to find out whom is dating whom!


Our Barbet puppies are raised in our home.  I expand their space as they grow.    RoVer Barbet puppies are fed a raw species appropriate diet.  Our puppies are exposed household noises like vacuums, washers and dryers.  They get to hear dirt bikes, tractors, power washers and trains.  I also play a CD that has noises from Barking Dogs, crying babies, and other loud noises. They are handled daily and provided lots of tactile stimulation as they grow. Our puppies run in our yard and play with our other dogs giving them blossoming dog social skills. We have different toys and equipment outside to provide them with challenges during play.  Each week we have puppy visit day after they reach 3 weeks of age to socialize our babies with humans. The more different people they encounter prepares them for life after they leave RoVer.  Voices are also important for their development hearing men and children in different tones and excitement levels.  They are well on their way to being house broken when they go to their new homes, as we use litter pans from 2 weeks of age. Also have our entrance segregated so in the good weather they can go in and out once they are large enough to manage stairs. This prepares them for any type of stairs at their new homes.  Puppies are available on a spay/neuter contract and individual Canadian Kennel Club papers are displayed at time of pick up. CKC ownership is transferred once spay/neuter has been completed.   They come to your home with health tested parents, first set of shots, Puppy Training Kit, grooming DVD, collar & leash, blanket and some other goodies to help you and them settle in.  Raising my Barbets is not just my job, its my passion.  Providing puppy parents with a well matched happy, balanced puppy is my pleasure.  We are always just a phone call away to help with any questions.