19 04, 2015

Hanna & Bosch, babies on the way!

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Hanna and Bosch are expecting PUPPIES! Both of these dogs have the ability to exceed in dog sports.  Hanna has her Championship, Canine Good Neighbour, Pre-Novice CD, and her Rally Novice title.   BUT  she has nothing on Bosch who's lists of accomplishments span, CKC, AKC and UKC in Conformation, Rally and Obedience. If you are [...]

25 03, 2015

Hailey’s 9 Barbet Puppies Arrived March 7th

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Its exciting to report that Hailey's puppies arrived in the early hours of March 7th.  We have been posting regularly on Facebook.  6 beautiful boys, Buster, Victor, Andy, Ryder, Splash & Mel.  3 Darling girls, Violet, Margarita, and Twinkle.  They have been progressing very well and now at 2-1/2 weeks are moving around vigorously.  They [...]

25 12, 2014

Eleonore Gaining another Title

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I am pleased to report that Eleonore also had a great achievement in October.  She has completed her Rally Novice title with multiple scores of 100.  We then went to the Red Barn and now have 2 legs of the required 3 for Eleonore to get her Rally Advanced title.   We are diligently working in [...]

9 12, 2014

Hanna Achieves her Rally Novice title AND Pre-Novice CD

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In October of 2014 Hanna completed all three legs of CKC Rally Obedience Novice level.  She did very well achieving one score of 99 and two of  100.  She gave me excellent attention and loved being out on the floor.  She did so well on the same weekend I entered her in Pre-Novice [...]

16 04, 2014

Hanna’s Puppies, born April 4th 2014

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Puppies!  We were expecting 5-6 puppies from Hanna from her x-ray that we did 10 days before she delivered.  Hanna was a trouper through each delivery and was very accepting of my guidance.  We welcomed each new baby, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, girl.  Then 1-1/2 hours after puppy number 6 we were presented with [...]

21 03, 2014

Eleonore Puppies Plannned

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Eleonore our foundation girl is going to have her last litter.   If all goes as planned she will be blessing us with puppies at the beginning of June! Eleonore was born in 2009.  She has her CGN, PCD, CH and has one leg on her obedience CD title.  She has successfully obtained her DOT [...]

21 03, 2014

Puppies -Why RoVer, for the beginning!

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Now that I have  caught your interest.  I would like to tell you why a RoVer Barbet puppy would be a welcome addition to your family. Being an active member at our local Muskoka District Kennel Club, I have many opportunities to see people interact with their dogs.  Professionally my husband, Rob and I provide [...]